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Sealing Concrete Driveways

Greg Baker Sealing Concrete Driveways
If you want the front of your home to look good while saving yourself a large replacement cost, then maintain your concrete driveway. Maintain your driveway by having it cleaned, followed by an application of a premium clear transparent concrete sealer.

What are you protecting your driveway from? Pitting, flaking, and cracking of concrete caused by the harsh winters that we live in in Kansas City. Repeated exposure to corrosive de-icing salts and destructive freeze/thaw cycling damages concrete driveways. People will often say, “But I don’t put salt on my driveway. “ No, but your car brings the salt in off the street and deposits it onto your driveway. What if I choose to do nothing? A good driveway will become weather damaged, and a damaged driveway will become worse. (see photo above)

The average residential driveway covers approximately 30% of the space in front of your home. If the driveway is deteriorating and looks bad, then it will have a negative impression on the front of your home.

Replacing a preexisting driveway is expensive and disruptive. The average cost to tear out and replace a driveway is approximately $6.50 per square foot. A 20’ wide by 70’ long driveway would cost approximately $9,100 to tear out and replace.

Don’t let your driveway go thru another harsh winter without protecting it first! Prevent damage before it happens.

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