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Residential Exterior House Painting

Greg Baker Residential Exterior Painting
Greg Baker Residential Exterior Painting

Residential Exterior House Painting


This is our area of specialty and most of our projects involves the exterior painting of old and new homes. Greg Baker Exterior House Painting Services will bring back the color of your home and make it look and feel new! Licensed EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm to work on older homes built prior to 1978.

  1. Clear Communication between myself the owner of the paint company and the customer. I like to know what the customer's questions and concerns are before the job ever starts.
  2. Credibility - In business since 1990. We have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List Super Service Award, and many testimonials. When I submit a free estimate to you I will enclose a full page of references, worker's compensation and liability insurance information in your Customer's Service Packet.
  3. Extensive Preparation:
    • Removal of loose paint.
    • Skilled minor carpentry and wood rot repairs by a qualified carpenter. How many times have you had your home painted by a painter only to find that the wood rot was not removed and fixed properly? Or if the wood was replaced it looked like an amateur patch job? Read some of our testimonials or preferably call some of our references. You will find out for yourself that this is not how we operate.
    • Thorough Priming. Excellent quality materials. Primer is back rolled and/or back brushed for good penetration of primer into the surface. Filling the pores of raw wood with quality primer is critical for proper adhesion and sealing the wood from moisture. Moisture is the leading cause for wood rot.
    • Thorough caulking to fill cracks, crevices, and nail holes. Again moisture is the leading cause for wood rot. We want to keep the water out! We use 55 year siliconized caulk for most areas and polyurethane caulk for particularly difficult problem areas.
    • Window Sills. We probably replace more rotten window sills, sill noses, and brick mold than any other area around a home. Again, it goes back to understanding that this is a water related problem. Window sills have very little pitch so water, snow, and ice collects there and in the joint between the sill plate and the brick mold. The solution is prevention. This involves through preparation of the sill, priming, application of a special coating that encases the top, bottom, face and ends of the sill. We then caulk any cracks in the joint between the brick mold and the sill plate. Finally, a thick coat of paint is applied over everything that I just described. This is a time tested procedure that I have been using for over the past twenty years. I know that it works. Customers that we painted ten years ago and have us repaint there home again have very few rotten window sills if any. The reason why is because the window sill is still thoroughly sealed and water has not gotten into the wood.
  4. Preventing paint spills and mess before the painting ever begins. This involves applying wall coverings stapled to the roof lines, paper and taping, plastic off factory clad windows, plastic off railings, and plastic off patio furniture. Cover brick patios, porches, and bushes.
  5. Respectful of the customer's property. At the conclusion of each work day we meticulously go around the property picking up paint chips, trash, and debris. All tools and equipment is picked up and stored away properly. We run a clean job site.
  6. Painting. We use excellent quality paint and paint materials. After "Preparation" the painting process is customarily the easiest and fastest part of the job. Again all paint is thoroughly worked into the surface areas with either a brush or roller. Attention to detail for smooth, crisp, straight lines and separation of different colors.
  7. Execution. When you are looking at several bids in front of you the chances are that they will all appear to be very similar. There may be a few differences, but the common written theme will be: scrape, prime, caulk, paint and job complete. Therefore, they are all the same. Correct?... Think of it this way. If you ask two different paint contractors to scrape a section of wall that has a lot of peeling paint do you think you are going to get the same results? The answer is NO. Inevitably one contractor is going to do a better job of scraping paint than the other contractor. This is true in all aspects of the painting service that you are hiring. The execution of the details and how well each step of we scrape, we prime, we caulk, we paint, job complete determines the quality of the job not the wording of the contract.
  8. Supervision. If we are in agreement that it is the execution of the details that determines the quality of the services then who enforces it. The answer is me, Greg Baker, the owner of the paint company. ( I am a hands on owner that works with his crew out in the field ). I also receive a lot of help from a foreman who has been with me for over ten years. If a general worker does not perform his duties correctly he will be asked by either me or my foreman to repeat his work again until it is completed correctly.
  9. Communication. I like to get feedback from the customer during the course of the job and at the conclusion. I want to know if you the customer are comfortable with our service or if you have concerns that need to be addressed. At the conclusion of the service I will have personally reviewed the job several times before I ask you the customer to do a walk around.

The process that I just describe to you is standard practice that we use on every home with our exterior painting services. It has been developed thru many years of trial and error. The end result is a smooth, efficient, quality, clean, and long lasting paint job that both you the customer, and I can be proud of.

Ask yourself this important question. Do I think I will receive this same high level of conscientious work from other residential painting companies? I hope we can be of service to you.


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