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Mission Kansas Exterior House Painting

Mission, incorporated in 1951, is the place in which the heart of Johnson County intersects with Kansas City – a thriving, authentic crossroads in which visitors, businesses, and residents from every walk of life come together.

Mission, at first glance, is a small, charming town, offering easy accessibility to Kansas City as well as its suburbs. However, take a closer glance, and you will see Mission is a lot more.

Mission is really a Community for All Ages that, just by design, appeals to people irrespective of whether they are starting a career or simply winding it down, raising their family or emptying out their nest. Valuing diversity and inclusivity, they welcome everyone.

Mission is safe and supportive and is a walkable city that has an eclectic blend of local merchants, neighborhood parks, convenient recreation facilities, bike trails and paths.

More small town than suburb, Mission is proud without being pretentious, progressive but rooted in their history, growing yet steadfast in their dedication to evolve in ways which are best for their people and their environment.

In 1951, it was incorporated as a city and it’s true to its mid-century roots. Mission is a form-follows-function, no-frills community, which blends traditional values with avant-garde and brings together a multitude of perspectives and people that shape the future. Right in the heart of it all is Greg Baker Painting that offers services to the wonderful people of Mission.

Residential Painting Services in Mission Kansas

Residential house painting is the most efficient method of boosting your home’s curb appeal. Greg Baker Painting makes it easier than ever to provide your home a full makeover without worries, headaches, or hassles.

Our crew of experienced residential painting pros deliver the best quality results in order for you to receive an end product you can be proud of and that your neighbors are going to envy.

Fence Staining For Your Home

At Greg Baker Painting, we provide services for all outside wood staining. We specialize in decks and fences. In Mission we know your house speaks to who you are, and oftentimes it is the exterior which makes the first impression to your visitors. Our professional crew follows a proven process that ensures your deck or fence is restored or protected.

The primary benefits of fence staining are:

  • Provide the front lawn more curb appeal
  • Decrease warping and rotting
  • All weather protection 
  • Enhance aesthetic appeal 
  • Increase the lifespan of the fence 

Deck Staining Services

Deck staining not just highlights the wood’s grain, as well as improves its appearance, it also will boost its life expectancy by preventing insect infestation and rot. Also, staining a deck will prevent wood from absorbing any moisture that may freeze, which causes expensive damages.

In terms of selecting colors for the deck stain, there are an abundance of options, from natural appearing clear stains to solid, bold colors. While you are searching for one that suits your task, you ought to give consideration to the fact that a clear stain brings out the wood’s grain, whereas a solid shade reveals little of the natural color of the wood.

A lot of homeowners will leave pressure-treated wood just like it is, as they believe that you can’t apply stain to the treatment. That’s not so. There are different stain shades that may complement the appearance of treated wood. It’s possible to stain all decks whether they’re pressure-treated or they’ve already been stained.

Everyone here at Greg Baker Painting is dedicated to providing 100 percent customer service that exceeds our client’s expectations, and customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

For more information on our residential painting, deck staining, or fence staining services please contact Greg Baker Painting in Mission, KS 66205 at (913) 236-9359.

Serving: 64112, 64113, 66202, 66205, 66206, 66207, 66208 including Kansas City, Mission Hills, Leawood, Prairie Village, Mirriam, Overland Park, Roeland Park


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