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Prairie Village MO Historical Home Painting

Prairie Village is 1 of 20 cities in Johnson County and is the 6th biggest in population with a residential population of around 21,700 inside its 6.7 square mile city limits. It’s fully surrounded by other cities, and shares its eastern border with Kansas City, Missouri.

Prairie Village, in 2005, was named 1 of the 5 top suburban cities in the area. In 2006 Prairie Village was named 1 of the 5 most efficient cities within the whole area.

Local Residential Painting Company Prairie Village MO

Exterior painting is not only about the aesthetically pleasing appearance of your house. Professionally applied paint jobs not just beautify your house, yet add years of protection to your critical investment. Greg Baker Painting ensures that your house is correctly power washed, primed and prepped as needed before we apply our high-grade top coats. Power washing removes and kills any mold, debris and dirt which may be sticking to the exterior. Our prep work includes puttying all nail holes, caulking every crack, priming where needed and identifying all spaces that might need repairs. After your home is fully sealed, we’ll add top coats, beginning with the trim, siding, then finishing up with the decks if they also are being done.

Fence Staining Services

A lot of homeowners opt to construct wood fences around their backyards and properties. Fences are good for identifying property lines, enhancing privacy, and offering shelter from the wind. But because they’re outdoors in the elements, wood fences also are highly prone to weather-associated damage, which includes rot, warping, and general weathering.

If your current fence has seen its better days, or you recently have had a brand new fence installed in your backyard, Greg Baker Painting will help you with expert fence staining services. Fence staining can not just assist in protecting it from the elements, it also can boost its aesthetic value and overall appeal.

Deck Staining

Did you have any idea that your deck ought to be sealed and re-stained every 3 to 4 years? It assists in protecting it from wetness and prevents the necessity of replacing the whole deck if the wood becomes warped or rots. Plus, a newly stained deck will make for a welcoming environment for hosting visitors. If you are on the lookout for deck staining offerings in Prairie Village, KS 66208, it’s possible to rely on Greg Baker Painting to offer expert services and a gorgeous outcome which will last.

Whether you’re re-staining your current deck or staining a new deck, our expert deck staining professionals are going to cater to your individual tastes for top results. Greg Baker Painting provides firm, free estimates with no hidden charges, in order for you to be certain your job is within budget.

Should you Re-stain your Deck?

If the deck looks a little lackluster or weather-worn, it might be time that you revive it with Greg Baker Painting’s deck staining offerings. For those DIY-ers, know that deck re-staining is a huge project and not as simple as most homeowners assume. You ought to be knowledgeable about methods of prepping and cleaning the deck for staining, and you will want to work with a deck restoration pro who understands how to efficiently and quickly get the project done. Doing it yourself means you easily could damage the deck in many ways, like re-staining wood which has unknowingly rotted, or staining your deck before it’s completely dry.

For more information on our residential painting, deck staining, or fence staining services please feel free to get in touch with Greg Baker Painting in Prairie Village, KS 66208 at (913) 236-9359.

Serving: 64112, 64113, 66202, 66205, 66206, 66207, 66208 including Kansas City, Mission Hills, Leawood, Prairie Village, Mirriam, Overland Park, Roeland Park


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