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Leawood MO House Painting Company

A suburban community within the Kansas City Metropolitan area, Leawood, is situated in Johnson County, around ten miles SW of downtown Kansas City, MO. Leawood covers 14.7 sq. mi. and looks like an elongated rectangle that runs north/south. I-435 crosses through Leawood and is directly north of the middle of the community. 

Leawood is bordered on 3 sides by the cities of Prairie Village and Overland Park, Kansas and on the 4th by Kansas City, Missouri. Leawood’s land area is about 75% developed and growth is predicted to continue into the future. 

Right in the middle of it all is Greg Baker Painting that serves the wonderful community of Leawood. What services do they offer? Read further to learn more.

Residential Painting for Your Home in Leawood MO

You can enhance the beauty of your residence’s exterior with the assistance of the professionals from Greg Baker Painting. Our experienced painters protect all spaces around your home before any painting starts. That includes landscaping, shrubs, doors and windows. The exterior walls of your home are correctly prepped before starting the project.

We specialize in all kinds of residential exterior painting projects: 

  • Residential painting
  • Pre-painting and priming services
  • New construction painting
  • Replacement of wood on exterior
  • Siding - replacement or repair
  • Multi-story exterior re-paints Industrial painting
  • Front door refinishes 
  • Custom paintwork 
  • Cosmetic updating (houses for sale) 
  • Building painting

Residential Deck Staining

When your newly pressure washed deck has completely dried, we will begin the process of the paint or stain application. For a simplistic deck paint job, we’ll apply a high-quality color primer before we apply our premium exterior paint.

To stain your deck, our team applies a quality stain of your choice of color followed up by a powerful sealant. In order to prevent the look of several stains, the original stain gets brushed utilizing a method that ensures a uniform texture all throughout the deck’s surface.

Choosing a Stain

The stain’s opacity may range from an undetectable clear over to a solid which may be mistaken for paint. Stains that have higher opacity provide a substantially longer protection and wider array of deck color options.

Fence Staining

Fence staining in Leawood, MO for wooden fences is a frequently overlooked item in terms of home maintenance.  Our fence staining offerings will make a major difference in the general appearance of your house.  Fence staining helps you make your entire property appear elegant and rich, and might save you a lot of money, as compared with replacing in the long run. With your fence properly stained, your back yard will feel and look like a luxurious oasis and a welcoming outdoor living space.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks get a fence installed, and just watch it grey with age and build up mildew and mold over time. The boards eventually become warped, and the panels begin to fall apart or fall over. Wooden, weathered fences may be sealed and stained, just like a deck, to beautify, as well as protect it from the harsh weather. Our Leawood, MO fence staining offerings will fully restore your moldy, gray, or green algae-covered fence.  We’ll change weathered-looking fences from simplistic wood barriers to elegant borders.

Watering the lawn might help keep the yard looking amazing; however, that water which is consistently spraying on the fence is shortening its life expectancy, but Greg Baker Painting can help.  Not just can we frequently remove the majority of mold, water marks, grayed wood fibers, algae, and other ugly stains, but our team can turn the fence into a work of art that’s so gorgeous, your whole neighborhood will notice!

For more information on our residential painting, deck staining, or fence staining services please feel free to get in touch with Greg Baker Painting in Leawood, MO 64114 at (913) 236-9359.

Serving: 64112, 64113, 66202, 66205, 66206, 66207, 66208 including Kansas City, Mission Hills, Leawood, Prairie Village, Mirriam, Overland Park, Roeland Park


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