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Shawnee KS Quality Home Painters

 The area that currently comprises Shawnee, Kansas is robust with history and characteristic American Midwestern life examples. Shawnee’s heritage goes back into the prehistoric age of the Osage natives and before. Shawnee’s immediate origin comes from its location as the religious and political center of the Shawnee Indians. In the 66203 area code of Shawnee, KS, Greg Baker Painting offers residential painting, deck staining, and fence staining to its residents.

Residential Painting Company Services Shawnee Kansas

Greg Baker Painting is a leading residential painting company in Shawnee, KS for many reasons; however, the main reason is due to the relationship we have with the city and those who reside here. 

As residents of Shawnee ourselves, we take our residential painting services very seriously. Greg Baker Painting has offered homeowners around Shawnee with residential painting services they deserve since 2005, and we treat each customer with neighborly respect all along the way, and that is something other residential painting companies in Shawnee can’t claim.

When you hire Greg Baker Painting to deal with your outdoor painting project, you are hiring a business that places your needs first. Greg Baker Painting takes the services we provide to our customers seriously, because we’re from Shawnee ourselves. Not just do we want the city of Shawnee to look as great as possible, we also want our neighbors to also be proud of their houses, and we’re able to do that by giving them quality residential painting services.

Deck Staining and Fence Staining

If you reside in a place like Shawnee, the blend of a lot of snow, sunshine, and hail, leads to some fairly rough conditions for the outdoor parts of your house. The majority of houses have to have their outsides painted every 5 to 7 years. 

A few stained surfaces even have to be re-stained every two years. Fences and decks aren’t any exception. If the stain has worn away, the wood on the fence or deck gets exposed to water intrusion and probably will start to rot. 

A water test is the simplest method of checking if your fence or deck needs re-staining. Sprinkle water on your deck. If water stands on the deck or beads up, the deck is protected from moisture absorption.  If it immediately soaks in, your deck should be treated. In this situation, it’s time to re-stain the fence or deck.

Best time to Stain a Fence or Deck

Fences and decks should be stained once the weather is dry and warm. The majority of stains are better applied once the temperature is from 50 to 90 degrees. Also, it’s better if you have a span of a couple of dry days for the project. 

You will have to have all of the preparation done on one day then staining on the next day. Ideally, it’d be better to not have any rain for 24 hours after the staining to permit the paint to dry properly.

What type of stain should you use?

The primary types of stain include:

Solid Color Stains – These stains assist in covering up wood blemishes or ugly grain and provide maximum durability. 

Semi-Transparent Stains – These stains offer excellent durability and add a pigmented, rich color, yet still permit natural wood grain to show through. 

Toners – They offer a light color highlighting wood grain and provide great durability. 

Clear – This type of stain shows the natural wood grain the best, yet provides the least ultraviolet protection.

For more information on our residential painting, deck staining, or fence staining services please contact Greg Baker Painting in Shawnee, KS 66203 at (913) 236-9359.


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