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What Kind of Paint Works Better for Painting Outdoor Furniture?

One thing you should be aware of as you consider the kind of paint you will use on your exterior furniture is that outdoor and indoor paints differ from one another. Outdoor moisture may cause paint to peel and chip so it’s better to pick something that is formulated for the outside.

Enamel Paint

This type of paint is peel-resistant and is one example of the kind of paint you should purchase for patio furniture.  When enamel paint dries, it usually is harder.  That means it’s less affected by moisture from snow, or rain.  Enamel paint often is oil-based; however, you also can locate water-based enamel paints.


All-Acrylic Paints 

“100% acrylic latex” on a label is a paint which remains breathable, flexible, and colorfast much longer than paints that are made with acrylic blends or vinyl resins. Also, it adheres well to the majority of surfaces and allows you to use it on masonry, metal, vinyl, and wood.


Oil-Based vs. Water-Based

A water-based paint is flexible enough to expand & contract with weather changes.  Generally, they’re breathable, so they will not trap moisture and peel or crack. An oil-based paint offers better stain blocking and adhesion, so they’re better for stained surfaces, chalky surfaces, bleeding woods (sap or tannin) as well as metals which rust.


Krylon Paints

In order to make the process much easier, experts recommend the Krylon brand that may be bought online Amazon or at Ace Hardware.


Krylon H20 Latex is low-odor, eco-friendly, and is water-based; therefore, it easily cleans up when you are finished. Their Fusion For Plastic® series permits you to spray paint pieces of plastic without prep or primer.  The plastic series also can be used outside.


Rather than spending a lot of money purchasing new patio furniture, think about simply giving it a brand-new coat of paint. You will save money and your patio furniture will appear almost like new!


For more information on our patio furniture painting services contact Greg Baker Painting Company at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate!    


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