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3 Trending Exterior Residential Paint Colors

Like most of you, we have been busier now than ever considering home improvements. Therefore, as early as spring of 2020, Greg Baker Painting Company already started dreaming up and researching plans for 2021’s exterior paint colors

Part of the process of design includes forecasting trends. While we cannot actually see into the future, we have been in the business for a long enough period of time to make some fairly accurate predictions. The year 2021’s exterior paint colors are leaving us feeling excited to begin designing! 

Creamy, warm whites off-white is among the on-trend paint colors for exteriors right now, and it’s still here to stay in the year 2021. But to really get this trend down, choose a creamy, warm white. We especially like Benjamin Moore’s Seapearl and Swiss Coffee. 

Both of those shades are warm off-whites; however, Swiss Coffee is somewhat brighter than Seapearl. Typically, we never recommend a true, stark white for our design clientele; therefore, to see those warm whites coupled with wooden accents is an absolute trend you should follow. 

Beige - If you thought Greg Baker Painting Company was moving away from beige earlier, you can think again. A gorgeous beige is difficult to beat! The year 2021’s beige still is warm, yet without a tendency to turn yellow. In different lighting, it’s subtle and almost off-white. 

For that reason, we’ll be suggesting Accessible Beige in 2021 as your go-to color. While scrolling through Instagram, you may see that almost all bloggers are using beige, warm filters. Coincidence? No. 

Pale Gray - We’re very happy that gray has slowly been beginning to diversify streets, as the color offers an alternative to beige. Although we witnessed a reduction in stark gray with cooler undertones in the year 2020, start to consider grays with hints of green and warm undertones. 

Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray offers warm undertones; however, it might read as cool in specific lighting, like on a cloudy day. It’ll create such a zen appearance, and who doesn’t have a desire to feel this way when they come home? 

For more information on our residential painting services contact Greg Baker Painting Company at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate!  


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