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February 29.2024
1 Minute Read

Residential Exterior Painting: 3 Trending Colors To Choose

Residential Exterior Painting: 3 Trending Colors To Choose

Greg Baker Painting Residential Exterior

1 Minute Read

Residential Exterior Painting: Trending Colors To Choose

Residential Exterior Painting:  Trending Colors To Choose

 Like most of you, we have actually been busier now than ever thinking about house improvements. Therefore, as early as the spring starts, Greg Baker Painting Company already started thinking up and looking into plans for new residential exterior paint colors. 

Part of the process of style includes forecasting trends. While we can not actually see into the future, we have been in the business for a lengthy sufficient time to make some relatively accurate predictions. The exterior paint colors leave us delighted to start creating! 

Creamy, warm whites off-white is amongst the on-trend paint colors for exteriors today, and it's still here to stay in the coming years. Pick a velvety, warm white to actually get this pattern down.

We especially like Benjamin Moore's Seapearl and Swiss Coffee. 

Both of those tones are warm off-whites; nevertheless, Swiss Coffee is somewhat brighter than Seapearl.

Generally, we never advise a true, stark white for our style customers; for that reason, to see those warm whites coupled with wooden accents is an absolute pattern you need to follow. 

Beige: If you believed Greg Baker Painting Company was moving far from beige earlier, you could reconsider. A stunning beige is challenging to beat! The beige still is warm, yet without a propensity to turn yellow. In different lighting, it's subtle and almost off-white. 

Because of that, we'll be suggesting Accessible Beige as your go-to color. While scrolling through Instagram, you may see that almost all blog writers are using beige, warm filters. Coincidence? No. 

Pale Gray: We're pleased that gray has gradually begun to diversify streets, as the color provides an alternative to beige.

Although we saw a decrease in plain gray with cooler undertones, we began to consider grays with tips of green and warm undertones. 

Sherwin Williams' Repose Gray offers warm undertones; nevertheless, it may check out as cool in particular lightings, like on a cloudy day. It'll develop such a zen appearance, and who doesn't have a desire to feel this way when they get back? 

To find out more about our property painting services, contact Greg Baker Painting Company at (913) 236-9359 for a free price quote

Getting Ready to Paint Historical Home's Exterior? Read this first

A new coat of paint may do wonders for any home. However, in terms of historic homes, have you ever thought about how to deal with changing the look of the exterior? Hiring a professional painter to renovate a historic home’s exterior is not an easy job.

You must make sure that the painting contractor has experience with the renovation of these types of homes, because specific aspects of the house require exceptional details. While searching for a Kansas City painter for you historical home, you should always consider the below details: Hire experienced historic home painting professional It is always critical that you cross check references before you hire a painter for your historic residence. Checking a contractor’s website page for photos of past painting projects is a good way to start. Also, it is possible to check various social media accounts for updated examples of historical home paint projects. Confirm that they have the proper equipment While painting a historic residence, a professional painter will know the right equipment to use to get paint on the wall. And not just that, but all the preparation work before the task starts must be precise and exact to make sure no damage is done to any additional area of the property.

Painting contractors with experience in painting historic residences in Kansas City are equipped to handle all of the things needed to protect all parts of the house. Ask what paint they’ll be using Historic residences aren’t the same as newer houses. Also, the craftsmanship differs. Primers and paints have chemicals which might harm the house’s exterior. Hiring an expert with experience in the restoration of historic homes is the best solution, as they know precisely what primers and paints to use in order to maintain the integrity of the house. The right preparation Before any paint is placed on the walls of a historic residence, the painting business you hire must make sure that the surface gets prepared for the best results. The surface must be completely cleaned and walls must be repaired of all holes or cracks. This measure is important and can’t be skipped. A painting contractor with experience in painting historic residences will know precisely how to fix those surfaces using the proper methods to preserve the integrity of the home. During

your historical color consultation appointment we’ll: Go over various paint and shade options in your selected color palette Recommend the ideal historical color schemes for your house Present various paint price ranges Talk about various paint finishes and quality Our expert exterior paint professionals are prepared to help you give your historic home’s exterior a fresh look. 

Call Greg Baker residential exterior house painting at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate!

DIY Residential House Painting Nightmare

Multiple factors may help point in the direction of a pro if you are undecided about painting the exterior of your home. If you lack skills, materials, and experience, hiring it out might be the best choice. The risks related to exterior painting alone are sufficient enough to contact a professional, especially if you’re worried about your safety in terms of lead paint or two-story homes. In those cases, consulting an expert can not only alleviate any lingering concerns, but also offer reassurance that the task will be done correctly.

Here are three top reasons why exterior house painting is best left to the pros:You do not have exterior house painting experienceIrrespective of how much homework or research you have done, the odds of a poor outcome is high for beginners who tackle this kind of job. A high-quality exterior paint job will take a lot more than merely the right paint color and materials; it also takes skill and technique that only experience will bring. Without the right experience, you will risk a paint job which looks amateur, which then will require the assistance of a professional to fix. If high-quality curb appeal is what you’re after, hiring an expert will enable you to accomplish it without the risk related to a DIY job.The area you need to paint is large, and there is more than a single story to coverExteriors that have a lot of square footage will require more painting time, which may seem manageable until the task is underway.

Odds are you will need several coats of paint, as well, which adds to the overall size of the project. Houses that have more than a single story may be challenging to paint, especially for do-it-yourselfers who are not at ease with heights or do not have the right equipment to scale multiple stories or climb on roofs. 

Professional painters probably encounter houses with those conditions on a regular basis, and they possess the skills to scale ladders, as well as the manpower to efficiently move, which saves you time and possibly frightening circumstances. Landscaping is going to get in the way Invasive shrubs, trees, or other intrusive landscaping may stand in the way of you having the ability to successfully paint the exterior of your home. If that’s the case, contacting an expert painter will help prevent the nightmare situations those elements might cause throughout the job.

At Greg Baker Painting we frequently use drop cloths that prevent paint from damaging any landscaping and have knowledge of the right weight of materials to utilize so fragile bushes or plants will not succumb to heavy cloths or tarps.

Not only will experts know how to work around landscaping, they also will have the equipment to help do so without having to damage plants that might be costly to replace. Our expert exterior paint professionals here at Greg Baker Painting are prepared to help you give your home’s exterior a fresh look. 

Call Greg Baker residential exterior house painting at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate!

Online reviews are an excellent method of determining which of the many painting businesses in Kansas City will be the best for your needs. Online reviews provide insight into the business you’re researching by displaying the experiences other customers have had. Those may be a valuable resource to both companies and consumers. Consumers may ensure that the painters are going to meet their expectations and needs while businesses may increase their base of clients through more exposure with every review.

So, what makes reviews so critical when you’re on the lookout for an exterior painting company? Personal Experiences from Past Customers

Reviews may be fantastic for you when you are comparing contractors. Past consumers leave online reviews showing their personal experiences with every painter and company. You’ll have the ability to ensure that the individual you’re hiring will have the ability to work well with you. It’s possible to ensure that customer service is a high priority with the contractor. It’s important because it’d be a tragedy to work with someone who does not care to ensure that your experience is exceptional as a customer. You will have the ability to ensure that customers are treated well. 

Check the Skill Level of the Painting Contractor Reviewers usually give a good idea of each contractor’s skill level. If you’ll be forking over cash to have the exteriors of your house painted, it must be done correctly and done in a timely manner.

It’s possible to gain an idea about the painter’s skills just by reading a couple of reviews, and occasionally you might even have the ability to view before and after photos of the contractor’s work. Knowing what to expect from the skill of the contractor is invaluable when you are paying for a project that is going to be seen by all the neighbors.

At Greg Baker Painting, our reviews speak for themselves, like this one from Susan B who wrote: “Greg Baker Painting is second to none! 

He and his team were very professional, and delivered over the top results! 

No detail was left undone, and he and his team worked tirelessly to deliver top-notch results. 

Would definitely recommend Greg Baker Painting to everyone looking for a painter!” Or David J who wrote: “I asked my friend who is a building contractor who he would recommend for my exterior painting job and he replied without hesitation Greg Baker Painting. 

I am so glad I took his advice.  Greg is a fabulous guy to work with.”Our expert exterior paint professionals are prepared to help you give your home’s exterior a fresh look. 

Call Greg Baker residential exterior house painting at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate! 


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