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Top 5 Paint Colors for Condominiums and Apartments

From one year to another, paint color likes and dislikes evolve. Red defined the ‘40s and mint/turquoise was all the rage within the ‘50s. Bright green became the go-to shade in the ‘60s, yet changed to a more mossy green color in the ‘70s. Mauve was huge in the ‘80s and the ‘90s were notorious for purple. In the past couple of decades, we have seen preferences run from light blue over to gray, yet more recently we are witnessing a shift back to shades of blue

Ask anybody what the 5 most popular paint shades are right now and you’re likely to get some variation in answers, yet these are likely on the top 5 list for many in charge of condo/apartment painting:


Dark blue

It fits the current trend of blue becoming the leading option for areas in which architectural elements may be emphasized.



Relaxing and subdued, Sage is a shade which calms the nerves of apartment dwellers who really need it.


Earthy ochre

Coupled with additional warm tones, this color fits perfectly inside living rooms and other spaces in which warmth is critical.


Oyster white

Occasionally referred to as “greige” because of its position between gray and beige, Oyster White is the top choice to a white, sterile paint.


Divine white

Some rooms call for a more sterile shades; however, to avoid going too harshly into the sterile world, you can choose Divine White.

Our professional painters can work with whatever color the homeowner chooses to paint their home. 


According to some designers, the pandemic helped shape the color trends of today, because “cleanliness” is a concern for everyone. White is usually seen as a color of purity. Sky blue, dark blue, and dusty blue also have piqued the interests of condo and apartment owners who love the way light plays off of those shades, giving rooms a comforting vibe and character-- something the majority of folks are searching for today.


As you’re considering the right paint color for your apartments/condos, don’t forget the security fence or gate that surrounds it!


For more information on our security fence and gate painting services contact Greg Baker Painting Company at (913) 236-9359 for a free estimate!     


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